Splash and Dash

Splash and Dash

Splash and Dash is a fresh and clean, beautifully presented dog groomerie and boutique.


Founded in 2009 by former wellness gym franchisee guru, Dan J. Barton, Splash and Dash was created to fill a void in the mom-and-pop pet grooming space of a clean and luxurious oasis for both pets and their owners. Splash and Dash offers a variety of innovative spa services including relaxing spa treatments, an unlimited monthly bath membership, dog grooming, and dog dental hygiene. Services are designed to stack and complement one another making for a unique one-stop dog care facility.

“Splash and Dash exemplifies what we’re looking for in a partner, and we are excited to continue working with their team to develop the brand and accelerate their growth nationwide. Splash and Dash has had incredible success over the past five years with consistent and continued growth during the turmoil of COVID. The brand has continued to grow its revenue and has made tremendous steps toward becoming a nationwide boutique grooming studio. We are excited to be able to partner with such an innovative brand like Splash and Dash and help take them to the forefront of boutique pet care.” -Nick Sheehan, Co-Founder of the REP’M Group

When you visit a new salon, or get a pedicure at a new spa, you’d never settle for a dirty, smelly, and unsafe environment. That’s why, unlike 99% of mom and pop groomers, Splash and Dash spaces are specifically designed to provide a great experience for both you and your dog.

Leading what will be a $200B industry by 2025 – Splash and Dash is a fresh and clean, beautifully presented dog groomerie and boutique. Unlike the vast majority of grooming shops, there is NO wet dog smell here! Clean, fresh, predictable and consistent dog bathing and grooming experience for dog owners who don’t own a dog… “Because they’re family.”

The Splash & Dash Opportunity:

  • Profitable recurring revenue membership mode
  •  Essential business/pandemic proof
  • Owner-operator, Semi-absentee, or Multi-unit
  • 1,200 – 1,500 Square feet retail space
  • High volume throughput using proprietary tech
  • Human grade treats & eco-friendly toys
  • 60-80 dogs per day, think about it, that’s alot of dogs

Liquid Cash


Net Worth


Investment Range

$260,200 - $459,500

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