The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is your luxury retreat for eyelash extensions, lash fills, eyebrow threading, eyebrow tinting and lash lifts.


Founder Anna Philips identified her guests’ “passion for lashes” early, then spent the next several years meticulously refining The Lash Lounge brand to serve the rapidly emerging demand for eyelash extensions. Widely known as one of the early experts, Phillips was primed with the experience and vision to design a retreat for accessible, aspirational and highly professional eyelash extensions. As such, The Lash Lounge franchise set the bar for expertise, training, certification and customization—claiming early the premier position in an exploding industry.

The Lash Lounge franchise model is defined and powered by PASSION; A passion for service, expertise, process and precision. At the heart of The Lash Lounge’s recurring revenue model is our uncompromising commitment to members and stylists. With a model entirely devoted to consultation, customization and care, our members confidently enjoy the expertise of our highly-trained and certified stylists. In an industry with unprecedented growth, aspire higher. Choose The Lash Lounge.

The difference? With explosive growth in the past three years, The Lash Lounge is focused on firmly establishing our core values and operating principles to create incredible business opportunities for high-energy entrepreneurs. A passion for team-building, a knack for guest service and an appreciation for process are attributes shared among The Lash Lounge franchisees. A shared commitment to the core components of success builds the foundation for a bright future!


Liquid Cash


Net Worth


Investment Range

$275,621 - $631,524

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