Real Estate + Construction Project Management

Real Estate & Construction Project Management, the Build’M division helps brands and their franchisees open locations. Build’M services start when a franchise license is sold and end with the opening of the location.

Site search/LOI

Build’M will assist in locating a space that fits your brand standards and aid in real estate negotiations.

Test Fit

Build’M team will produce test fits to ensure brand standards are met within your perspective space.

Pre-Lease Due Diligence

Build’M will review work letters, lease terms, and red flag checklists.


Build’M manages design, permitting, bidding, procurement, and General Contractor selection.


Build’M manages the General Contractor, Schedule, Invoices, Change orders, and Weekly Reports.


Build’M manages punchlists, CO awardings, Contractor closeout, and T.I. reimbursement.

How we can help


As Real Estate & Construction PM experts, Build’M provides a unique checks & balances system inside a competitive commission-driven & non-transparent industry. We manage the entire process and our job is to open on-time and on budget.

Skills & Perspectives

BUILD’M tracks time and cost allocation through a proprietary platform that helps control all variables. Our services start when a franchise license is sold and ends with the opening of the location. This allows franchisees and franchisors to focus on business operations (training, hiring, pre-sales) so they can be successful from grand opening and beyond.

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