Operations + Growth

Prepare your brand for growth with best-in-class training and support tools.

Initial Operations Assessment

We’ll talk to stakeholders, review materials, and do a deep dive into your franchise operations, then present you with a full audit report and a proposed project scope to build out and strengthen your operations and support resources.

Unit Economics & KPI Analysis

We work with your team to understand the underlying model of the business from opening to maturity, and which KPIs matter most for success.

Staffing & Training Resources

ScaleM helps to refine the franchise staffing model, then make sure that training roadmaps and tools are in place for all positions, to give you and your franchisees peace of mind that every location will be fully ready to offer customers the same great experience, every time.

Growth Modeling

It can be tough to forecast hiring needs and cash flow at the franchisor level. We’ll help to model out unit growth, revenue mix, and talent requirements so you have a better idea of what to expect in those crucial first few years.

Opening Checklist

Combining insight from across our verticals, we build a consolidated timeline and checklist that gives franchisees a clear roadmap to opening and makes efficient use of their resources and yours.

Operations Toolkit

Our team will do a comprehensive review of your current operations manual, SOPs, and other resources. Depending on your needs, we can assist with a full draft/rewrite of any materials, and make recommendations for additional tools to be created.

How we can help


Scale’M gets your franchise operationally ready to scale. We work with brands to develop strong operations manuals, franchisee training programs, staffing models, field support teams, and more. We’ve successfully helped franchisors drive operational excellence across hundreds of franchise openings, and we are ready to help you grow your system and operate with excellence.

Skills & Perspectives

A great franchise brand depends on having a strong brand, strong unit economics, and a strong business model - without these foundational elements, no system can be successful in the long term.

Once those pieces are in place, we can help to make sure your brand also has the operational scaffolding to support your growing family of franchisees. Our expertise in working with thousands of new franchisees in a wide variety of industries helps us understand likely needs and pain points around training and support. We apply that to your brand and help you get ahead of the curve, providing your system with the infrastructure and tools to grow quickly and confidently.

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    Our Other Solutions

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    Our team has decades of experience in bringing national and local brands to life in all aspects of marketing strategy, media strategy and execution, creative design and in-market campaign development.

    Grow with us

    Franchisee Development, Grow’M™ develops and sells franchises by looking for the right candidates for your brand. We are not a churn’m and burn’m sales organization. We want to make sure your brand is well represented by franchisees as passionate as you.

    Build with us

    Real Estate & Construction Management, the Build’M division helps franchise brands and their franchisees open locations. Build’M services start when a franchise license is sold and end with the opening of the location.