Your Guide to In-Store Franchise Marketing

Your Guide to In-Store Franchise Marketing

When growing your business, there are many marketing initiatives to consider for execution, but one that should not fall by the wayside? In-store marketing. Your client base typically includes your biggest advocates and in-store marketing allows the chance to educate them on your franchising opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to be an owner of a brand that they love and respect? With years of experience in franchise marketing, we’ve successfully garnered the items needed to market to consumers in a tasteful way.

Below are a few items to consider when kicking off your franchise marketing campaigns from a brand standpoint:

Inside 4 Walls Marketing:

  • Decals/Window Clings – Front door/windows, include “We are Franchising” and/or a franchising website 
  • Framed photo of founders with ownership opportunity mention
  • Business cards at the checkout area with QR code to franchising website
  • Bathroom signage – above toilets and in handwashing area
  • One sheeter tri-fold stand. Include culture, cost, customer testimonials, etc.
  • Stanchion sign with franchising ad insert. Include culture photo, cost breakdown, hot territories, customer testimonial

FFT (food for thought): Add a military or existing member discount!

Digital Tactics:

  • Email Communication – Email customers to let them know you are franchising. 
  • Email Footer – Include a footer that links out to your franchising page on all consumer emails.
  • Quarterly Newsletter – Culture, highlight business successes, franchise opportunity, etc.
  • Website: Create a page on your consumer site or create a separate website dedicated to franchising.
  • Social Media – Personal and brand page. 
  • Receipt footer – At the bottom of your receipts, have a call to action with mention of the franchise website.
  • Email Signature with call to action for franchising

We hope these items and ideas help kickstart your franchise marketing plan. For more tips, check out our blog, Top 7 Strategies to Utilize in Franchise Marketing. If you have any additional questions or want to understand how we can help, reach out to us!


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