Garage Kings

Garage Kings

Garage Kings is the leading garage floor installer in North America, specializing in epoxy and polyaspartic flooring for residential garages and basements.


Garage Kings has been a leader in epoxy and polyaspartic flooring installations for years and now owns the complete garage with storage, cabinets, and garage doors! The name says ‘garage’ because many people utilize our services for their garages. But we also provide service for porches, patios, basements, and more. The service line is expanding to all things garages. The floor business is high-margin and booming and we have brought on an exclusive custom cabinet and storage line to further boost product offerings and revenue! Garage Kings is a home based, mobile franchise opportunity at a low investment. 

As one of North America’s top residential floor coatings franchises, and now the complete garage, Garage Kings represents an unparalleled opportunity for you to participate in the booming $500 billion home services industry.

At Garage Kings, we teach franchisees how to be great business people. With in-depth training, ongoing support, proprietary products and processes, and best-in-class marketing and sales tools, we’re behind you, every step of the way, as you grow your franchise.

Key Differentiators

  • 1 day installation model 
  • Call center scheduling 
  • Superior training – dedication training school – 82% more training than competitors 
  • High ticket, high revenue, high margin
  • Multiple revenue streams:  Franchisees profit from garage doors, storage & cabinets, and garage floors! 
  • AI smart sales tool – New integration in 2023
  • Minimal employee model
  • Low investment
  • 60-75 day ramp-up
  • Home-based, Vehicle-based
  • Industry leading Warranty 
  • Exclusive: Branded storage trailer available for customer storage during installation

Meet The Leaders

Troy Rainsberg, Owner/CEO: With success in the home service industry as a foundation, Troy purchased Garage Kings to provide a vessel for success to franchises. By standardizing the process, fine-tuning an existing concept, and providing the formula for success, Troy has aimed to empower franchisees to be their own CEO.

As a lifetime fan of transforming his own garages, it made perfect sense for Troy Rainsberg to take his 20+ years of scaling Home Service businesses and acquire the Garage Kings franchise brand in 2020. Following a complete overhaul of the brand, product offerings, and sales and operational approaches, he added the renowned Franworth as an Equity Partner in the business. This powerful combination has made Garage Kings one of the leading garage franchises in North America.


Liquid Cash

$150k single / $250k 3-pack

Net Worth

$300k single / $650k 3-pack

Investment Range

$189,493 to $238,253

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