Splash and Dash

Splash and Dash

Splash and Dash is a fresh and clean, beautifully presented dog groomerie and boutique.


Splash and Dash is a fresh, clean, beautifully presented dog groomerie and boutique. Unlike the vast majority of grooming shops, there is NO wet dog smell here! Clean, fresh, predictable, and consistent dog bathing and grooming experience for dog owners.

Have you ever had your dog groomed at a big box store? There’s something completely unsatisfactory about handing your baby off to someone you barely know. The fact is most pet stores only see their customers for a few minutes every few months.

Splash and Dash’s monthly memberships encourage frequent visits! That’s why we get quality face time with our customers multiple times per month. For our franchisees, this means countless opportunities to interact with customers, build trust and loyalty, and sell our quality in-store dog grooming supplies and products.


  • Proprietary technology makes this TOTALLY different from other grooming businesses
    • Makes employees more efficient
    • 60 – 80+ dogs per day
    • It’s like having an executive assistant – It does data analysis for you
  • Ways to own: Owner/Operator OR Semi-Absent (manager run)
  • Single or Multi-Unit Options
  • Pandemic Proof – Deemed an essential business
  • Recurring revenue from bathing memberships
  • 20% Retail / 80% Grooming
  • Human grade treats & eco-friendly toys
  • No wet dog smell!


“When I started a family with my Yorkie Mercedes in 2007, I didn’t know much about how to care for a dog. But, like a nervous new father, I wanted to give her everything she could ever need and more.

When Mercedes was a puppy, she was kind of a tomboy. Imagine the cutest little fur ball frantically slinging dirt into the air, trying to get under the fence to whatever enticing bird or squirrel was on the other side.

Needless to say, she got dirty fast. But I didn’t want to change her behavior.  I just wanted to help her stay clean and healthy, and preferably a little less smelly.

Our Motto: Play Dirty - Live Clean

But I couldn’t believe how bad the experience was at my local groomers. Even in LA, I couldn’t find a clean space with good customer service, so I knew there had to be a better way. I never found it, so I built it.” – Dan Barton, Splash and Dash Founder & CEO


Liquid Cash


Net Worth


Investment Range

$309,184 to $511,484

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